Managing My Corona Quarantine Course

For people struggling with ‘Lockdown Meltdown'
Humans are social animals, and whilst some are more social that others, we are all designed to have social interactions. And that means that as every day, as more and more people are being banished from society and into enforced quarantine, the impact is emotional and mental, as well as physical. ‘Managing Your Corona Quarantine’ is for anyone in or starting their quarantine period to manage ‘Lockdown Meltdown’ – the cabin fever from being socially isolated. Together, we cover your 14 day journey from managing the initial fear and uncertainty through to the eventual boredom and isolation of social distancing and then preparing to re-join the world, even better than when you went in.

Course Content

Where You Focus Goes, Energy Flows. Where Are You Putting All of Your Focus? Learn Powerful Ways to Change the Way You Look at the Current situation
Fear impacts your immunity, so we’ll be looking at simple and powerful tools to manage the fear
How to deal with the unknown and grow as a human
The best and most powerful ways to overcome fear and feelings of rejection
Understand the two forces that create (and steal) motivation so you can harness their power
Learn to re-frame your situation by looking at it from a different angle
You might be feeling a whole range of things…but what are they? When you label them you can manage them.
There’s only so much Netflix a person can manage before they start going a little stir-crazy, right?.
Too much time on your hands means overthinking... and those little voices, well they start getting way loud. Time to manage them, rather than them manage us
What to do when you can’t do anything
Your beliefs shape so much of your life, so what actually are they, and how do you change them to something that works for you?
It’s almost time to come out of hibernation, so in this lesson we’ll cover mindset tricks to boost your confidence, energy and awesomeness
While you’ve got some time on your hands, how about solving some of those pesky problems that you’ve been avoiding?
It’s important to look back sometimes, but only to see how far you’ve come
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Course Details

Number of videos : 14
Number of lesson : 14